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We are fully committed to solve the problem at the root and change negative subconscious beliefs and patterns that are causing you mental and/or physical pain. Even if we know we 'should be happy' there is no reason to be anxious, insecure and so on, we hold on to subconscious structures that are trying to protect us from something that is outdated. We, at subconscious awareness will help you to rewire, understand, unblock and release, we accommodate your process and every session is tailored to your own individual needs to achieve the quickest and most sustainable results.

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"Certified Hypnotherapist and Coach" in Bali Indonesia

What We Offer


In a hypnotherapy session we will connect directly with the root of your challenge, in a state of deep relaxation your subconscious mind will be accessed with the tool of Hypnosis to shift directly from there.

Hypnotherapy online

The online version of this powerful, sustainable, safe healing modality is just as effective and can be done from the comfort of your own home. All you need is the drive to make a change and Internet.

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a tool to detect trapped emotions in your body that may create all sorts of feelings such as Anger, Fears, Jealousy and many more. These Emotions will be detected trough Muscle


Trauma & PTSD


Phobia & Fear


Pain & Illness


Addiction &

Eating Disorder


And Many More

Emotional Imbalance

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