Stop Smoking NOW and FOREVER with Hypnotherapy

Why is it so hard to just quit?

Why is smoking much more than a physical addiction and why is it so difficult for you to quit (sustainably)?

When you smoke, the cigarette becomes a tool to help us release tension and deal with situations that are triggers for us. In Situations we feel stressed, frustrated, angry, sad, overwhelmed and/or when we simply need a break and space for ourselves.

Even if we consciously know that smoking is unhealthy, expensive and harmful for others as well as ourselves, we have difficulties to quit as long as these triggers still exist.

The real reason why we cant stop smoking. The REAL addiction.

The reason why, when we stop with our willpower as an ally only, without having a tool to deal with these uprising emotions or shifting directly from the root, we tend to replace it with other things to numb it.

This might be food or other unhealthy habits and addictions as well as feeling emotionally more drained, challenged and overwhelmed.

Your triggers lay in the depth of your subconscious, and thats where we will shift, that where the long term change happens, by working trough each root cause that triggers your feelings, we will INTEGRATE-RELEASE-SHIFT.

In a Hypnotherapy session we will detect the root cause and release straight from there.

We are not out habits, out triggers or anything that we do not align with anymore,

it's time to let go and change.

If you are a smoker and want to learn more or want to stop-

contact us today and create a roadmap to a healthy life on your terms.

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