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Emotion Code

Phobia and Fear Hypnotherapy

Phobia and Fear Hypnotherapy

Emotion Code

Do you feel trapped with certain feeling?

During an Emotion Code session we work with Muscle-testing to detect subconscious blockages and release them with a therapeutic magnet.

Human civilization has seen some crazy and stressful times during the pandemic this year. People have been through a lot of financial losses along with emotional stress, anxieties, mental illness, and what not!

Getting rid of all the emotional baggage is very crucial for leading a stressful and happy life. It can block positive thoughts from entering your mind when you hold onto a lot of heavy and negative feelings, and keep you from being involved in your current relationships. It can also build barriers to your overall development.
Even though we may have felt them long ago, including inherited emotions, the negative emotions we all feel may still be causing issues for you today in subtle, but damaging ways. An acquired emotion is a piece of emotional energy gained from a member of the, friends
and society in general.


What Emotion Code can help you with

The possible signs that of a person suffering from emotion code are as follows, give it a read to know more:

Helplessness to give or receive the emotion of love

Helplessness to experience positivity


Signs of depression and solitude

Illness or any kind of disease

Destructive behaviour

How Does It Work

We identify our experience of life trough our very personal perception of things, some of these perceptions make us experience life trough the lens of anxiety, hopelessness, desperation and many other emotions.

However, we are not the prisoner of these emotions and as we take action we can eventually release them.

We use a chart of emotions that got trapped at one point in your life, 

emotions such as:

  • heartache

  • feeling of being abandonment

  • fear 

  • jealousy

  • feeling of being unworthy 

and many more.

These trapped emotions are detected with the power of your subconscious and Kinesiology (Muscle-testing).





1. Pre Talk

A very brief pre talk about your challenge/ blockage on an emotional(feelings) or physical level. (migraine, back pain and more)


2. Detecting & Release

In this part we connect with your subconscious and detect the trapped emotions and release them via muscle-testing


3. Post Session Check In

After the session Marie will accompany your integration with check ups and support you trough-out this process. 

How will I feel like?

Unlike Hypnosis or cognitive Therapy-forms we will not (necessarily) identify the circumstances that provoked these trapped Emotions. 

What happens when we release trapped emotions (=energy in motion) that got stuck at situations we weren't able to work trough them?

We feel as if a weight got lifted off our shoulders, emotions we kept on identifying with can be removed and you not only will feel lighter but also more aligned.

Fees & Packages



1 Session

ca 30min/ session

A potent step into releasing trapped emotions reconnecting with your authentic self.

IDR 650 000

€    40



3 Session

ca 30min/ session

Commit to your own physical and mental well-being by continuously showing up and releasing layer by layer.


€    105 



5 Session

ca 30min/ session

This package is made for those who are ready to fully release and are willing to work on trapped emotions that are holding them back in every corner of their life

IDR 3 Mil

€     165

The Sessions can be done in person or as proxy (distance) and are equally effective

How does the Emotion Code work?

Once the therapist has identified the trapped emotion via muscletesting, she will use a therapeutic magnet to demagnetise the energy (blockage due to that) via the Governing Meridian in your physical body.

How do we identify trapped emotions with the emotion code?

The trapped emotions are being identified via kinesiology (muscle testing). As all of our blueprints and blockages are stored in our subconscious we detect these trough our muscles and from there are able to release them rapidly.

What are trapped emotions?

Emotional blocks create trapped emotions (energy in motion), they are negative feelings that get stuck as a result of an emotion that was felt intensely and wasn’t released properly. This often happens during a trauma or emotionally difficult times.

Is it safe/are there any risks?

Yes, The Emotion Code work is a gentle, non-invasive and safe approach. Only the energy of trapped emotions are identified, not the circumstance provoking the emotions.

Frequently asked questions