Best Hypnotherapy and Coaching by Marie Heidi Thorand

About The Thetapist


Marie’s journey with hypnotherapy and coaching started as a personal one: after a life-changing event, Marie, originally from Germany, stumbles by chance on a book about hypnotherapy. The reading strongly resonated with her, and she decides to follow her intuition and dig into this practice a couple of years ago. After several years of studying and practicing, Marie has developed her own approach, weaving in further techniques such as NLP, inner child work and breathing techniques in order to achieve the best and quickest results.


Board Certified Hypnotherapist

Bachelor Of Arts

Meditation Teacher

Emotion Code Practitioner

best hypnotherapy and coaching by Marie Thorand

What to expect

The sessions’ aim is to take you to the root stored in the subconscious mind that needs attention and shift directly from there.With softness and focus, the practice is a journey within yourself, with the support of an experimented and benevolent guide to live a life aligned with your essence.

Marie is currently practicing hypnotherapy in Bali, where she has based herself, at Maja Healing. She also offers online sessions.

She is happy to get on a call with you if you have any further questions.


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"Best Hypnotherapy and Coaching"

What People Say

What I found really incredible was how direct the method was, how I was able to connect with, feel and process a trauma that had been passed on to  me before I was born.

I have done loads of talk based therapy reflecting on memories over the years around the source of my depression but I was not able to experience it so powerfully....directly. To let go and feel the flow